Top 9 Reasons People Sell on Amazon (and 3 Reasons They Quit)

There are as many unique motives for starting a commercial enterprise as there are marketers. But for Amazon dealers, startup testimonies generally tend to align round not unusual issues.

Ask a supplier why they released their FBA commercial enterprise, and also you’ll probable pay attention about constructing economic freedom, bucking the 9-five repute quo, and earning extra money to take care of cherished ones or chip away at a bucket listing.

These possibilities are what make promoting on Amazon so exciting—you can explore self-employment via ecommerce, thereby sidestepping overhead expenses of brick-and-mortar retail and lowering some of the limitations to success in business.

Jungle Scout surveyed extra than 1,000 Amazon dealers to recognize why they were given started, and obtained a few inspiring responses. If you’ve been thinking about launching an ecommerce business however haven’t yet taken the plunge, allow their tales encourage you to do so!

Here are the pinnacle reasons why Amazon sellers were given commenced, in order of recognition.

Top 9 reasons human beings start promoting on Amazon
1. To update their modern job
forty three% of sellers said they started out their Amazon enterprise because they had been interested by a brand new shape of employment or earnings circulation to replace their cutting-edge process or income.

Working for yourself has plenty of benefits, and dealers commonly cite the potential to make their own hours as a big motivator of their decisions to turn out to be marketers.

I currently decided to allow pass of my preceding business [that] I ran from domestic. It became very time-consuming. I additionally homeschool my children and want to have greater exciting, first-rate time earlier than my time with them is long gone. A buddy added me to Amazon FBA.

I started learning all I could about it and knew, proper away, that my first step turned into getting Jungle Scout. It was a device I couldn’t do without! -Amanda T.

Working for your self gives the liberty to pursue nice time with family and cherished ones.

I desired to get out of the everyday eight-five job and spend time with my son as he grows up. -Ian W.

2. Remote-paintings flexibility
On a comparable notice, 41% of dealers cited the desire for flexibility to work everywhere or journey.

For instance, some dealers want the freedom to paintings whilst they tour, and take vacations on their personal time table.

I need to have impartial business with bendy hours and spend extra time with my buddies, own family and enjoy lifestyles, sports, and travel after COVID. -Racha P.

Others are confined in their potential to depart domestic, and need to have the option of operating remotely.

I even have health problems that make it very hard for me to work outdoor the home. Plus, I have continually desired to and supposed to very own my personal business. -Michaelle S.

3. Curiosity
24% of dealers say they began out of interest approximately ecommerce. And what’s now not to be intrigued about? Between astounding income, the virtual nomad lifestyle, and vibrant seller community, FBA holds a number of interesting ability for novices.

Some sellers technique their FBA enterprise as a way to indulge their love of gaining knowledge of.

I desired to learn how to manage a business and have cash to start to make investments. -William M.

I am a serial entrepreneur & I ran throughout the concept on YouTube. I couldn’t face up to! -Kristen M.

It’s easy to justify taking a hazard on FBA, for the reason that Amazon’s marketplace cost tipped just over a thousand billion bucks this yr.

4. To build their existing enterprise
For people with an present product line, Amazon is an apparent area to start or enlarge ecommerce operations.

With 300 million clients, annual sales inside the masses of billions of bucks, and 12 international marketplaces serving the largest countrywide economies in the world, list at the Everything Store is essential to a complete ecommerce marketing campaign.

20% of Amazon sellers joined to add a new sales channel and broaden an present organisation’s client attain.

Our organization wanted to explore e-trade possibilities and Amazon regarded just like the satisfactory location to start. -Carl B.

5. As a facet hustle
Some oldsters need to increase their earning capacity, however now not by using mountaineering the company ladder; 18% of sellers run FBA groups as a manner to make extra money on top of what they earn via their number one employment.

For instance, a freelancer would possibly need a fallback in case of inconsistent settlement work.

I am an IT contractor so I want comfy my month-to-month profits even if I misplaced/ended my agreement process. -Saqib M.

FBA income also are a source of comfort for expenses associated with education, healthcare, and first-rate debt. Forty five% of sellers use their Amazon profits to assist dependents like kids, growing old dad and mom, or loved ones with unique wishes.

I desired to earn extra earnings for my circle of relatives considering that I am not able to paintings outside of the house due to being a live at domestic mom to a son with special desires. There are such a lot of monetary fees that go along with having a toddler with unique desires and I desired to help. We even have a son who just commenced excessive faculty and will be using quickly! -Tiffany R.

6. To store for huge purchases
Financial freedom doesn’t just imply building financial savings and paying off debt—dealers want to find the money for the finer things in life, too! Sixteen% say they started out selling to finance luxurious purchases or travel.

For aspiring digital nomads, which means jet-placing across the globe without interrupting their income.

I wanted to make a passive profits in hopes that at some point it may take over my regular job. The aim is which will journey and nevertheless make cash. -Ravi C.

I need to tour the sector freely and I will not have that possibility with an office activity. -Lia S.

For others, that means funding tour possibilities for his or her developing households.

I turned into looking for a way to make extra cash and no longer rely upon my paycheck anymore. Having [a] new born modified the whole lot for our circle of relatives. Having the extra earnings will assist us live better life, have much less debt and be able to take holidays again. -Bander B.

7. To break out their cutting-edge process
14% started out selling due to the fact they disliked their activity and desired a exchange. Selling on Amazon offers freedom from a number of the factors of work we just can’t stand. Take it from this vendor, who grew bored with their monotonous office process.

After multiple mergers and company restructures I determined I no longer wanted to sit in the back of someone else’s table. With Amazon FBA I actually have carried out that and really enjoy the flexibility and sundry nature of the work. -Julia P.

Sellers on occasion locate that retirement just isn’t for them, and occupy their time as a substitute with entrepreneurship.

As I am getting near retirement and I actually have lot of unfastened time, I wanted to raise a business that offers me extra money and [keeps] me very busy. -Jorge G.

8. They just wished cash
Out of labor or underpaid? It occurs to the fine folks—at least 14% of sellers say they released their Amazon commercial enterprise due to the fact they’d little to no profits and desired higher earnings.

I wished a way to earn extra cash. -Tre R.

Amen, Tre! Amazon profits can supplement insufficient earnings from other jobs, or help easy the transition from one profession path to some other.

I turned into within the procedure of changing my career from instructor to freelance author and editor. Therefore, I had to earn extra earnings so I ought to pursue my desires as a writer and entrepreneur. -Karina C.

9. To discover a brand new interest
Selling on Amazon doesn’t must be all work and no play. Around 10% of dealers select up FBA as a manner to skip the time, and stick round after they’ve observed achievement.

This includes some who’ve found that traditional retirement simply isn’t for them, and occupy themselves with entrepreneurial endeavors.

As I am getting near retirement and I actually have lot of unfastened time, I desired to raise a enterprise that gives me more money and [keeps] me very busy. -Jorge G.

I retired from Higher Ed. Last fall and rather speedy have become uninterested in being retired. I revel in staying busy and engaged. -Ron C.

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